[Intro: Mxjib]
I make money online
I make money on time
I make money online
All my n***as got me makin' money online
I make money on time
Shawty wanna f**k but I give her no time (JAE5)

[Chorus: OGD]
Want to make a mil', 9-5 weren't an option
In the field you kinda run outta options

She always complain like she nah see me often
But often I be OT tourin'
Gyal don't worry I'll be yard in the mornin'
Used to move like there's nothin' to lose
Mixed the Off-White with the Hues
Rollin' with like 10 of the goons

[Verse 1: Kruddz]
Money callin', money talkin'
Trap phone goin' ring ring
Trap phone buy me bling-bling, yeah
Where was you way back then?
I was doing stick up with my bad friends
Police had us twist up pon the landin'
Every other time mix up in violence
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