Drugstore Diet (Acoustic) lyrics


[Verse 1]
Don't matter white, green or blue
I'll cut, crush, parachute you
You just bottle it up
Hope all is fine
Bottle it up
Till next Columbine
Call me crazy, but
I know that I'm just fine
No fear in dilated eyes
Sheriff Joe, where's my DUI?
You just bottle it up
Take it out on others
Bottle it up
I got down with your mother
Let's quit the torture
I'm running out of close friends

Lost for days in my synthetic maze
Turned 18 and I quit pushing weight
Just found out that she's two weeks late
Father, please wash my sins away

[Verse 2]
I'm twisted, down, and strung out
Finding out what life's all about
If you bottle it up
It's not worth losing
Bottlе it up
But he won't stop using
I've been around the block morе than a few times

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