Five Deez
Latitude (Nujabes Remix)
[Verse 1: Pase Rock]
What side you on, you want alive? It's right here
Don't look any further while your vision is clear
A lotta fog in the mist trying to throw you a curve
All these rappin' thugs getting on my last damn nerve
You eat the same piece of cake day in and day out
That tired a** flavor gets played out (no doubt)
You say that tag along warning to a rhyme for the rest
When we rock all the people say "yessuh"
We fresher than alla these miggy-figgy-n***ies on the mic
The scratch, you know the wicky-wicky words to match
You still playing catch-up, fall far behind the line
Trying to cut, but you wasting your time please, come on dude
We the Five Deez, superior rhyme steez, don't have our own style
We got styles plural, you still caught up in yesterday
Steppin and fetching, getting swept away
Futuristic black holding mics like soldiers hold weapons
On the attack I'm reppin', Cincinnati's finest, no question (give me five)
Now you say Queens City

Throw your hands up in the sky
Wave around from side to side
We about to get fly

[Verse 2: Kyle David]
Roll my Glock over on a sucker who's locomotive
I'm moving in like the ocean, devotion within my rhymes
Same year, last time committed crimes like a felon
Three fifty-seven lyrics can bust you up like melons
They ending when I'm dealing at five hundred decibels
I'm yelling "Five Deez" tellin cities and countries before me (say what?)
I'm lucky, these other cats bore me, cold and plastic
I turn the crowd into elastic, I'm stretching them to the left
And get pulled to the right
Like a periscope, seeing over normal eyesight
I rock all night, so you can roll through the day
Feelin the rhythm to hear my rhymes in delay
I give em what is needed while you just form what they want
Who gonna get jumped, chump? Crunk brothas
Bounce to my jams like blubber, we doing it for lovers
While you suckled with the haters, on the crossfader
And you say Queens city

[Verse 3: Fat Jon]
Hey, you can call me on your mobile phone
Or grab a pen and a sheet of paper and write a letter at your home
You can download my music off an internet site
Or you could be mixtapin' it, we'll still be creatin' it
You could have a compact disc, with vinyl gratin' it
Vibrations, be still, and keep the vibe waitin'
A watcher or a reader, a loner or a leader
You could be the one that make the party cold or make it heat up
Make the beats heat up
Bust slow to my motion, from the highest mountain to the bottom of the ocean
You want it? Final attack, get attacked on DAT
Cause and effect, it's because we wreck
There's no flaws to detect
So don't pause the deck
Local or international, took galactic respect
You could fall from the pressure
Or could you take the weight
And rhythmic break
And you say Queens city