Pink Lip Bastuurd

"ピンク (Pink)"

[Verse: Pink Lip Bastuurd]

Kept on tellin' all yo' friends
'bout how sexy I have been
"Og Pink Lips" , apperently I done came up
Look who came in
Thou you came in solo . You'll leave in a trio
Thats a Raider three fold . Sneak peak through the keyhole
Trilogy of blunts that's packed with weed
Followed by some Hennessey . Coke on the rim of that Pepsi
You sip til' youre sexy
No self-esteem
You live in a land of make believe
You believe that nobody can see you with your eyes closed
Taking pills with blindfolds
Imaginations to hallucinations
Acid always in rotation , keep you up for three days
Welcome to the Raiders baby
Learn to love or choose to hate
Defy your mind , destroy your body & your soul
b*t*h , we dominate it
B . R . K over everything
Strobelights invade your dreams
Now tell your friends what you just did


Kept on saying that you wanna live that Raider life
Ask yo ' sister n***a , do she dyke ?

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