Pink Lip Bastuurd


f**ked up & I'm faded
Riden dirty & they hate it
Half these cats won't make it
Talk is cheap , b*t*h save it
I am wildlife living w the 2 f**ks I'm not given
If you ain't chasin . You ain't winnin , don't ask me what I'm sippen
Mind gone . Still lonely
Pigs out but I'm still blowin
Get clout , but I'm still goin
You runnin mouth but I'm still showin . OUT
b*t*h this how it's done , if you ain't bout it ?
Then b*t*h you better learn
I'm kushed up with my drank out
Willow guts with that dank out
The money in my bank account on mary jane when I back out
They think I ain't official , yet I got the stripes & whitles
Ya ' man sayin he miss you
Now tell me how I taste when he kiss you
This kush got me lean
That lean got me on knock
Ion care whatchu think . I ain't never gone stop
I lick it , then I roll it like Ion want you holdin '
& I park it like it's stolen
While ya ' girl tryna come home with me
She asked me can we match
I take her to the back
I break it down on her cheeks , cause her ass too fat
Dumb high my whole crew smacked
Dime bags we dont do that
It ain't even a problem . Cause b*t*h Im tryna get blowed

(I ain't f**king with these n***as , Im just tryna get blowed .)

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