Pink Lip Bastuurd

"BLANK xx"

[Verse 1]
Might grab that Glock
& pop every shot at a couple of b*st*rds
Need a couple of caskets
& a cup full of rocks , take a shot , while you gaspin'
Don't ask what happened !?
sh*t ! Flow slow as molasses
& I'm sh*tting on n***as like slaves in a basket
& my flow so tragic
Cause tragedies when my gun start blasting
No beef why you asking
Gotta couple of k's on my team start smashing
Don't ask no questions
Can't believe y'all think y'all f**king with Pink
, low key this b*t*h is a hazard
I can't f**k with you actors

Said my mind goes blank
Wen I grab tht k
Said my mind goes blank
Wen I grab tht k
Said my mind goes blank

[Verse 2]
Said my mind goes blank wen I grab that k
Got it aimed to ya face
Lets make an exchange
Take ya b*t*h for ransom , gotta Glock to ya brain
Counting a mill & I'm loading the flame
Cuban links , I got hoes on my chain
Sneak dissing , b*t*h . I'm letting it bang
Submachine gun , b*t*h . I'm toting a train
Do ya b*t*h . & b*t*h I'm doing my thing
Counting bodies like a b*t*h got fame
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