Pink Lip Bastuurd

"XXxstacy xx"

[Verse 1]
Flexing b*t*h & I ain't done yet . (yet)
Smoking b*t*h & rollin up the rest . (rest)
Do it & I do it at its best
Momma told me repetition is the key to yo success
& ever since I stopped paying attention to hoes they kno that . (that)
I guess they jus wanna connect
But i don't want your body I want neck . (neck)
My plug got robbed - I need new connects
Young goddess & you kno I got next . (next)
These drugs got me feelin myself . (self)
Ion need yal , or nobody's help . (help)
Tunnel vision n***a & I'm moving in stealth . (stealth)
Money is all I kno & nun else . (else)
Ion f**k w you , all tht hating bad for health . (health)
n***as stay frm round , you jus f**king w yo'self . (self)
Forgiving All My Enemies - I jus want the wealth . (Wealth)

Young & I'm reckless
Come snatch yo necklace
b*t*hes get naked
Get disrespected
Wilding , I'm flexing . (2x)

[Verse 2]
Wen I'm dead , burn sum m$ney in my memory
Blow a building up . Make n***as remember me
Rape a b*t*h - make her suck a d**k & say it's from me
Run a train , rob a bank , pour out sum Hennessy
Talk to god the other day & asked what's in store for me
Got the crooked earth , on crooked shoulders - so what's in store for me
Whether its religion or my life , n***as won't see me on my f**king knees
Best believe
That this ecstasy got me talking stupid hoe
& idgaf about a stupid hoe
& ima remain nameless to these stupid hoes
Cuhs yal sleeping on a goddess w a stupid flow
So watch ya step
Don't be trippen how I'm killen thou
f**k A Nigha , dream & everything he stand for
Cuhs I kno ima die wen I kill me hoe
Remember legends live forever thou


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