Pink Lip Bastuurd

"$$$$$ (M$NEY)"

Shout out to my n***as you know life is just a game
Well at least that's how it feel w the purple on my brain
I've been off a couple pills so I feel a little strange
& the chain so heavy , I forgot my last name
Bow Down !
n***a it's OG
ILL young , b*t*h
b*t*h , straight from the streets
Ion see nahn nigha f**king w me **
& that's real sh*t
Grippen the Mac & I'm grippen the tech
My n***as with me & we ready to wreck . Ready for war
We sending them shots , if you f**kin w ours
Wrecking the set
Gotta bad b*t*h w Brazilian hair
All my n***as is off of that hen
All of my n***as know that I am that b*t*h
I am the sh*t
I don't give no f**ks bout n***as thinking different
Cause we all know pink be killen it , ho
The f**k you think you dealing with , bro

Wen I'm dead , burn sum money in my memory
Blow a building up . Make n***as remember me
Rape a b*t*h - make her suck a d**k & say it's from me
Run a train , rob a bank , pour out sum Hennessy
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