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"Lights cam3ra action!"


Rollie rollie rollie
Got that ice on my rist
b*tch finna come over we gon straight take a flick
Give me that sloppy she gon suck on my di*k
Tick tick got the timer runnin on that b*tch
Now you runnin out of time you finna get hit
Im gon slurp up on her tits
Yea you know she like my fit
Ass game unbelievable
Just came perceivable to all these damn checks that i been cashin
Lights camera action!
That is there reaction
When i step up on the scene
Baby yea you know im a feign
b*tch if you ain't smokin get the f*ck away from me
Better bring the money b*tch you can’t smoke for free
The rack on me baby and you know im talkin ski
Lets take a trip
Based on where?
f*ck it
Over seas
f*ck yo b*tch she feel it in her f*ckin overaies
Lots of cash
Lots of flex
Money on me

[yung jraco]
Rollie rollie rollie
Put that ice on yo b*tch
Walked in the mall spent ten racks on yo b*tch
Me and lil xen yea we just dropped a hit
When it gets played yo lil b*tch takin pics
Lights camera action
Yo b*tch been throwin ass since i turned yo ass to past tense
She not even attractive
Im up and at you rapid
Got guns hid in my matress
Free Lil Jraco backwards
My old b*tch you can have her
Cuz n*ggas off the back board
What you tryna act for?
I pull up in a two door
God damn yall n*ggas too poor
This rap sh*t i get to bored
Best givin me the aux cord
Im waitin on my award
Im finna go and record
This sh*t gon hit the billboards
This sh*t sound so crazy you think i be in a psych ward
Yea b*tch i don transformed
Like goku reached my level
I swear im off my bevel
f*ck with god but love the devil
This rap sh*t heavy metal
Lil b*tch!

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