Full Force
Lost in Emotion
Hit the beat now
Lost in emotion

[Verse 1:]
Some guys will promise you
A marriage made in heaven
But I'm gonna stick to my guns
Like waiting for that love
That I might be getting
My dreams have yet begun, oh, baby
Am I a fool 'cause I don't know just how you feel
And this love for you, oh I can't conceal, oh I'm...

I'm lost in emotion
Telling you things you really shouldn't know
I'm baby, I'm lost in emotion
Am I a fool?
At least my friends think so
Que sera, que sera
Baby, whatever will be
Que sera, que sera
Between you and me

[Verse 2:]
Just how true are the rumors I am hearing?
About the crush you have on me? (Ooh)
Oh baby I'm blind 'cause I just don't see it
But I wanna believe what they see
I find myself telling you things
I don't even tell my best friend (Ooh)
I keep showing emotions
Not knowing just where it all stems from

From time to time
I wonder what I am in your heart
(Sometimes you make me wonder)
And even though I don't live there yet
I'm afraid it will be cold and dark


Oh, no

Baby, am I a fool?
Cause I don't know just how you feel?
(Just how you feel)
And this love for you, Oh I can't conceal
Hit the beat now

(Lost) With my feelings
(Lost) I hit the ceiling
(Lost) With big emotions
(Lost) I can't be dealing
(Lost) I wanna be with you
(Lost) But I don't know how
(Lost) In my heart, babe
I can feel the beat now

(Lost in emotion)
(Lost in emotion)
(Lost in emotion)

My baby
You know that I'm lost
My baby
(Lost in emotion)
My-m-m-my-my baby

(Lost in emotion)
(Lost in emotion)