Full Force
DJ Keeps Playing (Blackout Remix)
[Intro: Black Rob and Canibus]

(Black Rob)
You got Michele
DJ Keep Playin' Part 2, the Blackout mix!
Get us on, Daddy!


Yo, we in the club-scene, a regular hangout spot for unclean
Women in tight jeans, who ain't queen
Chicken-heads, who should be home, taking care of their eggs
Instead, they're always in the club, flirting with men

(Black Rob)

When Black Rob come through it's like [ ] the First
Since I'm rollin' with Canibus in this booth it's even worse
We here to get your openings [ ]
We ain't joking, always slaying this rap flow
But you don't want it broken


Yo no more drinks for you

(Black Rob)

And no smokin'
Try it against me and I give you a token

(Canibus and Black Rob)

'Cause we the type of brothers that can't be stopped
No matter what we got a beat that's hot

[Hook: Yvette Michele]

DJ keep playin' and playin' and playin,' get the music on
And on and on and on
DJ keep playin' and playin' that song
Let the music go on
[Verse 1: Yvette Michele]

Turntable mixer
You my favorite DJ in the world
When I'm on the dance floor
Your music makes me a freaky girl, oh, oh

The way you make me feel
I can't deny your beats are so fly
I'll meet you in the DJ booth
So I can feel it more
Keep on playing


[Verse 2: Yvette Michele]

You be checkin' me
While my body's moving on the floor, oh, oh
We're keeping eye contact
Baby, you know I'll be back for more, oh, oh

Check one, check two
You know what to do
You got my body so hot
Making love to my mind
As you watch me shake it
(Shake that a** girl, you got so freaky wet)
DJ keep playin' and playin' that song


(Black Rob)

Yeah, Black Rob about to attack
9,000 boomin' watts
Sound system state of the art
Rhymes so lit I could flow in the dark
Get these [ ]
Any time Black Rob give a grammy
You know Fed Ex is hot jammin'
So old man, he can't stand it
You know who the champ is
Better believe I'm layin' on you panties


Turn your mic on, listen to this intelligent life form
Cla**ical, international icons
I say rhymes without flaw, display effect without cause
People stand, and watch in awe
Metaphors leap from jaws, in the form of Dominique Dawes
Competing for the platinum, medal award
You rocking with the world's finest, rappers
Ghetto fabulous, miraculous, so hot we acidic
I invite all challengers, take a crack at us
And whoever front, will get hit with something disastrous
Got to give props to Philly, ‘cause that's the state
Known for having ill DJ's and cheese steaks



And we out, and we out no doubt
It's the Blackout Brothers blackin' out

(Black Rob)

And we out!