Brandon Flowers

"The Introduction"

n***a I'm Different By Choice

For Sho

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here

I am the 1, can't you see I'm the proof
I tell no lies, can't you see I'm The TRUTH
Friends been saying I should be in the booth
Back when me and CJ use to be on the roof
Me and my dawg use to be on the juice
I miss my n***a, to him we gon salute
Jack Daniels straight when I be on the juice
It's Different By Choice now, we on the loose
Bе on the lookout but, what is that look bout
We come wit' hеat like we throwing a cookout
f**k the rules n***a, we throwing the book out
Rising up, my competition looks shook now
This here is Chess and I'm throwing my rook out
Once played it cool but, I'm putting my foot down
If we is racing, I pray that you make it
I'm at the finish like, "look how long it took ya'll"(took ya'll)
Got my shot and took off like it's football
By myself, I had no one I could call
In the game of life there are no referees
That means that Destiny's making the good calls
If you want it you gotta be patient
Be aware of those plotting to take it
They talk down but, they obviously hating
And that part there done got irritating
n***as phony but, I will not say sh*t
Cause time is money and I will not waste it
I know I'm better cause, I am not basic
Better artist when I'm high and I'm wasted
Right now, I'm fulfilling my obligations
While I'm overseeing my operation
I don't need you to provide confirmation
A verse from me is like a fire conversation
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