Brandon Flowers

"I Grind(24/7)"

*Lighter flicks*

(Different By Choice sh*t, my n***a)

Lets go!!!

I know me on top's what they can't stand to see
n***as handed me nothing, they're whispers damaged the family
It was family first that is, til we met with calamity
Amitvillle Horror's can't match it, far as insanity
What's the point of a family tree, if you're forming a branch to leave?
Damn it, we had a dream
But, it's looking more like a fantasy
And I see, that it's up to me to become the H.N.I.C
They say, you gotta pay the cost
Well, I done paid a handsome fee
Now you want a feature from me?
Gotta pay me handsomely
I'll paint a masterpiece
Oh, now that's why haters is mad at me
Ain't that a travesty?
Make me feel some way for humanity
I'm human like you, ain't nobody granted me amnesty
And in the end you'll see, though I paint a picture si magnifique
I still got flaws, though they pay a fee for the man to speak
I'm so introverted, stay to myself like a manatee
Hate to sound cliche' and say, can I live
But, can I please?
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