Brandon Flowers

"Feeling Myself"

n***a, I’m Different By Choice

These n***as wanna be G
Me, I just wanna be E
Stay wit’ a blunt full of weed
No, I can’t do nothing for free
Oh, if it’s money I’m coming to see
Yo, ain’t no money ain’t nothing for me
You know my flow is so dope (Woo)
I compare it to bundles of D
I stay 10 toes, the ground under my feet
I got calluses there from me running the streets
Nowadays I just let my mouth run on the beat
And I stay away from those that just wanted to leach
When it come to the bars, you don’t want it wit’ me
But you’re welcome to die, if you wanna compete
Cause my levеl is so far above your little reach
If it’s battlе, just know I ain’t come here to preach
I’m the black Zack Morris, I ain't f**kin’ wit Screech
I ain’t f**kin’ that b*t*h unless she f**kin’ discreet
It’s between me and her when we up in them sheets
If she keep it quiet, now I’m c*mmin’ in peace
Afterwards, I just might want her to leave
I just snuck in the game wit’ something up my sleeve
We so Different these n***as can’t f**k wit’ my team
You a hater, move along ain’t nothin’ to see
You, EBT
Me, Dbc
You, Looney Tune
You, CBD
I’m shining, diamond detector go beep beep beep
Can’t f**k wit’ n***as that’s thinking like, me me me
You think my team’s speaking French, it’s bout we we we
We din’ turned nothing to something so easily
This here is Different By Choice and B-Eazy
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