Force MD’s
Itchin’ For A Scratch
Itchin' Itchin' Itchin' for a scratch

I woke up this morning itchin' bad
I wanted to scratch I was going mad
Went to the doctor said, "help me please"
He just shook his head and said to me

You're in trouble son, I know for sure
What you got there ain't no cure
So take this beat go home and scratch
But stay away from me cause it's easy to catch

Itchin' for a scratch
It's a fever penicillin can't match
Itchin' for a scratch
Itchin' itchin 'itchin' for a scratch

So I left the doctor, walked down the street
Scratching myself to that funky beat
Everybody I pa**ed they stared at me
And they started itchin' with the same disease
So the itchin' was spreading all over town
With all that scratchin' folks really got down
The was they were acting was really outrageous
Doc was right this itch is contagious
Itchin' for a scratch
It's a itch that you got to catch
Itchin' for a scratch
Itchin' itchin' itchin' for a scratch

Itch - scratch, itch - scratch, itch - scratch

Well the itchin' caught on in every nation
People scratched all over to the funk sensation
In China, Japan and Russia too
In Germany in Egypt even Kalamazoo

They all learned to scratch cause they had to itch
If they didn't like the funk they made the switch
They itched on subway, they scratched on the trains
When that dancing fever went straight to the brain

Itchin' and a scratchin'
Scratchin' and a scratchin'
Movin' and a groovin' til my body starts twitchin'

Ha ga ga ga well blow me down
I can't stop rockin' to the funky sound
So stands back Oyles and lets be finished
While I chill out with a can of spinach
Itch - scratch, Itch - Scratch, Itch - Scratch, Itch - Scratch

Ha you hear that scratch back there
That's my man throwing down
He's the baddest scratcher all around the world
And you know what he tells everybody to say he says

Itchin' and a scratchin'
Scratchin' and a scritchin'
Movin and a groovin til my body starts twitchin

I pity the fool who makes me itch
When I hear scratchin' my muscles twitch
Up in my head down to my feet
I can't stop scratchin' to the funky beat

Itch - scratch, itch - scratch, itch - scratch, itch - scratch

It's a itch whoo it's coming through my clothes
Make my pants real high make me jump on my toes
It's a certain kind of itch that brings all my luck
Every time I scratch myself it makes me sparkle blood
Hee, hee, hee yeah

God father of soul that's who I am
When I get the itch I start to jam
Get funky ahh, get funky ahhhhh