Force MD’s
Let Me Love You

Jessie: Hey, TCD, can you love her better than me?
TC: Yes, Jessie D, 'cause I got the money!
Jessie: It's not all about that money, it's about that love, peace and happiness!
TC: Well, man, I thought the same thing, till I was talkin' to this girl last night
I said, "Yo, baby, what's up?" She said, "Don't say nothin' to me if you ain't got no money!"
Jessie: You got the right to your own opinion
Both: Well, let the ladies decide


Let me love you in the sunshine
Let me hold you, baby, all night
Let me touch you in the moonlight
Let me love you, gonna make you all mine

Here upon every step
And every move I make, girl
Here where am I each day
And every breath that I take


[Verse 1]
I can't believe it's real, you're falling for this guy
Because all that sensitivity is nothin' but a lie
Tell me this can't be that you're deflectin' me
Don't let him take control of you because he has money
Now, I want you to be sure because I can give you more
And I'll give you almost anything so that you can be secure
Now, don't you get me wrong, my love for you is strong
I may not have everything, but my love for you goes on



Hey, girl, I want for you to be mine
On my cloudy days, you bring out my sunshine
Let me hold you, girl, let me squeeze you tight
Cause TCD wanna be with you all night
Till the moon rise up to the fullest peak
The words "I love you" are the words I speak
Cause the way I feel is so positive
You're the prettiest female that ever lived

[Verse 2]

I can't stop thinkin' of ya, cause you're always on my mind
But I never will forget you, girl, cause you're one of a kind
My love for you, we'll share, cause I always will be there
I'll never think of leaving you, that's how much I care
Now, gold and diamond rings, I'll give you all those things
My chauffeur's waiting outside, girl, in my big black limousine
Oh, girl, it's up to you, no matter what you do
Money can't buy happiness, it's love that makes it true
Let me love you
Let me hold you
Let me touch you
Let me love you
All mine

Let me (4x)

[Spoken Female]

When I fall in love, I want it to be forever
Material things come and go
But true love is eternal


Let me be the one (7x)