[Introduction: Yahzarah]
Sometimes I feel so all alone here
People in my eardrum to destroy this love of ours
We've built, I'm tired. Drivin' me crazy
The things they have to say
And insecurities you know they cause my mind to roam cause

[Hook: Yahzarah]
I would never ever hurt you can't you see my love is sincere
I just want to be the one you call when you need someone near
In a hurry

[Verse 1: Phonte]
Check it out, yo, the situation is ill
Went from lovin' and trustin' one another to just payin' our bills
From holdin' hands in public to displayin' the grill
We need a resolution, yo, I'm sayin' for real
Wanna treat you with the right respect
Tryin' to play a bigger role than the n***a who just writes the checks
And standin' at the door, wanderin' from right to left
Tryin' to decide if it's right to step and just bail with it
For so long I feel like we tried to jail with it
And done invested to much to say the hell with it
2000 miles from home, tryin' to call you
To tell you 'bout the road and all the presents I bought you
But tensions in the room everytime that I walk through
And every other day another argument sparks you
We don't smile no more and you ain't easy to talk to
It's funny what you makin' my heart do
We got to work it out, yo, for real

[Hook: Yahzarah]
I'm still the one that really loves you (Loves you!)
You call my name, boy, and I will come runnin'
Fill your need and come with healin'
So if you need me, baby, let yourself and don't delay

[Verse 2: Phonte]
Hey, you know that I don't usually start, love
But I'm sick of this amusement park love
Up and down, situation is all bugged
I'm losin' it blowin' brain fuses and spark plugs
Layin' in bed with my arms around you
Just tryin' to make sure that no harm surrounds you
I can't pay the price of what it costs to doubt you
It's all love, baby, I'd be lost without you
[Hook: Yahzarah]