Tour of Duty
Yeah, I got the recipe flow, for all beat cookers
Pick and flick my hoes, like these boogers
I'm Biz Mark nasty, I rip parts from pansies
Whoever want it
I go and get it if I'm on it
J.L. win in the end
Kind of like The Warriors
Some won't be there in the end, like The Warriors
Ponder that
100% if I'm on a track
10% grit mixed with 10% Dis
Follow me now, it's 10% hot bars
Swallow me now, it's 10% lock jaw
10% wildin', 10% raw talent
Slate, I'm killin' it, 10% L.ife E.xperience
10% wordplay, every verse that he say
20% c*cky, the game is like hockey
Cause N***as Hate L.E.G.A.C.Y
I raise hell, touchin' fingers make destiny

[Sean Boog]
It's my time now
Give me your attention
I want all of it
No duckin' when I spit
When I hit, don't miss
Accurate as chess
Maury Povich gives to his guests
To determine if the mom is a sl*t
Or if the pops is sick
My private is to check
I'm a private investigator
Greater than the rest
One breath from the lungs
Put craters in your chest, Moon Man
This world is doomed
And my allegiance is for the heathens
Don't a**ume you can take us out
Makin' an a** our of you man
Me, I'm what I'm gonna be
All grown up at the age of 23
Come f**k with me
Trust me, you'll catch me in your town
Things are goin' too good
I think my teams wore down
[Joe Scudda]
I'm in the booth with my hat low
You know how that go
The hard sh*t
I'm gonna give you what you ask for
Miss and shoot the one
F**k that, you know the name
Know the game, I know the pain like Novocaine
I took you out, picture, pulled the frame
I walk in the club and get love
Look, nobody even know you came
Man, you b*t*h made
Comparin' me to you, is like a big a** machete to a switch blade
So by now
Know you can't win
Get five of your people
I bring back ten
And if you bring ten, I'mma bring the whole team
I mean, my motherf**kers than yo a** ever seen

[Big Dho]
Hold up
Don't forget about little ole' me
There's a problem that you could not see (n***a)
I'm outta school, better not test me
Get The Answer like Sean Boog and Oddisee (n***a)
I got seven on the track with me
Six more on the bus
15 from the League Of Justus
That's 28 motherf**kers that's ready to jump up
If I hear you talkin' like you want WHAT?
Naw really
You can get knocked silly
Got many, walkin' around here badder than Billy
And ain't no question I can roast your crew
Spit that oil on you and grill you like my vegetables
As for you
Winnin' ain't an option so don't believe that
You a feline pu**y, I'm a street cat
It's my game, gimmie that
I don't play fair
C*cksucker, change rules when I wanna
Servin' indies and majors
Most of them are ink wasters
Writin' nonsense on paper
The best out, runnin' it now
Hall Of Justus
Why the f**k you think Dho put me down?
Took it back, half moon in my wig
Can't fit the crown now
I'm so arrogant, my heads too big
There ain't a ?16-90?
Word on the street is I'm the truth
A year later I'm still sealin' slow leaks
On tour with the LB, signin' autographs
And I ain't even drop a f**kin' LP
Some biters wanna hate
Wait a minute, I get it
They were rappers that failed
Later on became critics
It ain't my fault, I'm just that nice
For every word I write, labels should sign me twice
H.O.J. [x4]

[Big Pooh]
Ayo f**k that
H.O.J. is right now
Pu**y n***as pipe down, you don't want it with me
Raw dog f**k sh*t out of beats
It's our first go round, challenger's now obsolete
And to think this was so close to not being
Brothers ran, put it up, now n***as not seein'
Rush more than Russell
Look at the hustle
Motherf**kin' ain't tryin' to tussle
This is rock solid
Dope product
Flow brolic
I'm a verbal alcoholic in search of help
In every state from city to city
Let me sign autographs and cop your girl's t**ties
Simply the best, no if's or and's
The League's +Notorious+ like Durand Durand
I done had it up to here with your bullsh*t scams
We the architects of the new plan

Caught him on a cold night, mind wonderin'
A square n***a so they figured they could corner him
A true Capricorn, yeah he on that loner sh*t
But they couldn't stop Tay
A.K.A. The One N***a You Don't Want It With
Known to rock mics
Each and every time the clock strikes
And quick to tell a n***a, "You not nice."
And I ain't been locked up, down, or shot twice
The only shootin' I did was shot dice
Now that my stock market has doubled in your market place
I'm like Lumberg sh*ttin' on your Office Space
Just wanna see the world and break bread with my brothers
But these n***as wanna drink and throw bottles at each other
It's sh*t like that that makes me wanna run for cover
Tell a n***a, "Pack your sh*t." Straight cut a motherf**ker
But I won't do it to 'em cause they need this alliance
And deep down a n***a need guidance
And I understand the pain it give and the feelings of blasphemy
To rock a show to a crowd that's half capacity
And all the other road sh*t you supposed to figure
But it's the Tour Of Duty and we all soldiers n***a

[Sean Boog]
This is our game
Here to the end so remember the name
This is our turf
Earth to the sun, sh*t the whole universe
This is ours now
Shut the f**k up and sit the f**k down
This is our sh*t
We don't miss, all we do is make hits