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Sizzla Lyrics

Hurtin' Me - The EP (2018)

No Surrender Riddim (2017)

Wicked Wicked Riddim (2016)

Born A King (2014)

The Scriptures: Music in My Soul (2011)

Crucial Times (2010)

Ghetto Youth-ology (2009)

Addicted (2008)

Rastafari (2008)

Stand Tall (2008)

I-Space (2007)

Prelude to the Big Bang EP (2006)

The World Is Ours (2006)

Waterhouse Redemption (2006)

Freedom Blues: The Testimony of Siccature Alcock (2005)

Brighter Day (2004)

Bad Company Riddim (2003)

Light of My World (2003)

Rise to the Occasion (2003)

Blaze Up the Chalwa (2002)

Ghetto Revolution (2002)

Black History (2001)

Rastafari Teach I Everything (2001)

Bobo Ashanti (2000)

Liberate Yourself (2000)

Be I Strong (1999)

2 Strong (1998)

No Woman No Cry Riddim (1995)

Blaze Fire Blaze

Electric Riddim

Flash Forward Riddim

Life of a Ghetto Youth

Welcome To The Good Life

Other Songs

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