Eddie Rath

"Akatsuki Rap Cypher"

[Deidara (Rustage)]
Tick, tick, boom
Take out mankind with a land mine

'Cause I'm damn right and I can't die
I'm on standby, use my hand signs on the sand tribe
Unloading explosions, I'm owning in cloning in the Kazekage
Approaching, I'm goading 'em, blowing them up sky high - kamikaze
Detonation, innovation, ready and getting impatient
Preparation, application, causing the disintegrations
You bother me, insult my pottery when you're so shallow?
Battle me, I'll mess your face up like a Pablo Picasso
Art is an explosion and I do it to the maximum
I never make mistakes, I keep making happy accidents
I'm sculpting my victory, trickery missing me
Clay clones can't catch me
This my ability, deliver these injuries
Rolling with the Akatsuki

[Sasori (Shwabadi)]
Puppetry master, I can outclass ya faster
Look at your body, disaster
I've achieved perfection, I'm immortal under planks and plaster
Marionettes are bringing you death, heh, watching you losing your breath
I can confess, one of the best, next I'll be removing your head
Grandma Chiyo, she ain't nothing but just a preachy hag
Don't be mad, I have had to grow up without Mom and Dad
Sakura stumbling, never malfunctioning, encompassing powers, emerged forms
Think you can wander in? You will be suffering under the strength of the Third Lord
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