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Eddie Rath



Verse 1:
Before my people were born it's like I was destined for pain
My father would not allow me to carry the name
My brother tried to show me to be humble is gain
When he wouldn't get his way he wouldn't really complain
What was supposed to teach a lesson only filled me with shame
You even hate on the way we pick up the remains
You're the reason for everything the Uchiha became
Activated and I feel the Chakra flow through my veins
Why you always gotta say you representing the clans
But in your family tree there's blood on every branch
You ain't gotta be the Senju who have chosen a stance
Warfare is like an eternal and bloody romance
The symbol of peace it has been destroyed again
This time we will not be trippin we will all ascend
Keep your enemies close and avoid the friends
Because this is how you separate the boys from men

Oppression in front of you
All my Ninjas dying, dying for you
My clans got a question, I ask it for you
Why you always falling?
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