Ard Adz

"Daily Duppy (2020)"

In my lifetime I've seen drive-by's
Knife fights in the nighttime, I've got bine-bine in my fine nine
Nine-five on my right side, and I'll ride time and I'll ride life
My baby mama get fine dining, that kettle buss and it shine bright
Grind time, I had bare crops, I had white lines
Write rhymes and I'll write mine, I made half a mill cause of WiFi
Them young gunners dem buy nines, ride off and do drive-by's
Couple times I got caught alonе, I had to jab it out like I'm Mike Tys
I'm all on, my heart big and my balls long
Eight man, thеy tried take my jewels but I swung it out with my jewels on
My Roley pops, I hit the ground, started crawling round for my watch
If I catch the man on that rebound they'll be crawling round in their blood
Fill up the two-lit, jump in the two-seat, I've got the deucey
This ain't a movie, this ain't the States, you ain't got an Uzi
Gyal like Lucy tryna seduce me, she wanna do me
I'm with Brucey, ego loony for that halloumi
Jump in the hooptie, it's still roomy, fit in the broomys
Jump in the hooptie, it's still roomy, fit in the groupies
Wizzer with sticks and we're on the strip, now your headback pending
Got rid of the six man, brought out the one man, step up the engine
My young boy, he don't like liars, he'll ching you up like Mike Myers
I've seen man duck when that nine fires
He'll ride out till them wheels fall off and even then he'll still find tyres
Ching you up, he's like Mike Myers
I've seen man duck when that nine fires
Where am I from? Brixton, round here man got instincts
Me and my guns stay in sync, let that sh*t there sink in
Like brudda what you thinking? Round here man got instincts
Man hit you up real instant
Cah sh*t's real, feel like that I've been killed
I won't run you down if you breeze out cah that's mad long but my pits will
Cah I'm really on and you're really not
I won't Milly Rock on your silly block
If there's a milli there you'll get really shot
Cah we're really on and you're really off
Eye for eye, bro got nicked with a pile of white
And I ain't doing his bird in the Isle of White
I've got bine in my nine, that's dynamite
You see me and dem boy don't grind alike
I don't nine-to-five, I just grind for life
I've got bine in my nine, that's dynamite
I've got bine in my nine, that's dynamite
Okay hold it, blud I'll say that real slowly
Bro just phoned me up and he told me
Man tried hit him up for his Roley
Man's got bigger tools and like Liverpool you ain't never gonna walk lonely
Man go let it off with my homie
They can hold a shot like a goalie
Feds in my yard, their gun in my face, I don't put my hands up
I'm on a mad one, I've got the mad ting, it's at Amanda's
Sneak out the handgun, lick out your dandruff
Feds chased me from Bricky to Brandon
Gap them pigs, they're feeling abandoned
Man want smoke so I bring out Wakanda, bring out your ganja
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