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"Now I’m Free"

Ay, VerBS
Alpha boss on the beat
Mighty Murs

[Verse 1 - VerBS]
All my chicks with the hips
Splittin' thighs at the seam
You ain't thick, baby girl
All my n*ggas with no job
And no self esteem
Keep grippin' your own pen
Feelin' your own dreams
'Cause stakes is high
? on seams
Unobtainable, but you ain't containin' of no cream
Take steps, take breaths
Toward your goal, and go fast
If we tryin' to hold a world or a golden toe pass
Want to learn how to rhyme
Better learn how to add
Mos Def count bars
And you go to the lab
Freestylin' show, make sh*t
The flow was intact
So you could go in the back of the booth
I'm spittin' the truth for these cats
Proof that I'm killin' these raps
Spooked, 'cause I'm feelin' this ghastly
Was feelin' hopeless, but the feeling just passed me
And now I'm free

Now I'm free
Now I'm me
Now I'm free
So how about you?

[Verse 2 - Murs]
This ain't the D
This so ain't the D
Y'all n*ggas ain't you
And y'all n*ggas ain't me
Somewhere in between the seams
Searching for self
I ain't tryin' to diss
I'm only tryin' to help
'Cause I used to be something like, a little like y'all
Repeating phrases like the parrot
Or that little white ball
I used to wear camouflage all the time
Used to try to throw the signs
Say in all of my rhymes
Until my homie sat me down
Said, look around
This ain't your scene and this ain't your sound
I stood up and started spittin' LA facts
About Bloods, Crips, esses, and LA cats
Laid out on A dap, but y'all don't know what that is
So I dedicate this to all you confused kids, man
This ain't the D
This so ain't the D
I was a lot like you
Until I started being me
And now I'm free


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