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"Edge of The World"

(Hook – Jonathan Emile & Angela Nashed)
Nobody knows where you’re from
Nobody even knows that you came
Feeling like the tip of the flame
Nobody even knows your name
You’re standing at the edge of the world
You’re standing at the edge of the world

(Verse 1 – Jonathan Emile)
The flesh and the breath, is far outweighed by the depths of the soul
I never go cold
I never grow old
Even if I never go gold
Woah, I’m never gon fold I
Map it out while y’all dudes is so lost
Cause I know the system like Solar
I’m cold dog like polar and so far
I flow hard like sonar I see sharks
I see marks like tattoos from bad news
This ain’t EA do not play me dude
It’s 7:30 watch your six
I fill up/Phillip banks like the daddy on the fresh prince
I ain’t trying to run a negative campaign
I ain’t even trying to bring you camp pain
The West Indian dance to bring about our reign
Like a hurricane, and let the people sing

(Verse 2 – Jonathan Emile)
In war plan for peace in peace plan for war
Count your blessings do not count the score
Record labels are slave drivers fronting they chaperones
I’m out on my own
Free and full grown
Plus I call it like I see it like a camera phone
Stay on your dome… wave cap
Graphite C-class tiptronic see black
Whipping through the city like I’m Indiana Jones
Forget spitting fire, brother I flame flow
Stay on point but this is not a game show
I focus on the real
In and out of the booth
I watch your videos eyes closed on mute
This is for my fam
My fans who held me down
Through the cancer
Held me like an anchor
Joy and the anger
This one’s a banger
Mindpeacelove I want to thank you
Thank You

(Verse 3 – Murs)
Now this is for the nameless faceless who know where their place is
Edge of the world never far from God’s graces
Me I’m just happy with the basics
If I can't save the world what’s the point of being famous?
I’d rather remain anonymous than have a huge chain and spit game to the hottest chick
Why waste time chasing fame playing politics
When I could change lives like a trained oncologist?
Set examples for the youth that follow us
And pray everyday for the children of Somalia
This is for my little cousin Nadia
Fighting leukemia, she’s stronger than a lot of us
Ask yourself what you’re living for
Is it all about greed and getting more
Make a difference in a life that isn’t yours
That’s exactly what I got into the business for

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