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"Shut Up"

[Verse 1: Murs]
Murs, the greatest thing to ever jump out your speaker
Intelligent words go dumb on the weaker
Seek that heat when I freak from the sheets
Destroy your whole fleet, never turn the other cheek
Certified nerd and an internet geek
When it comes to the shoes that go on my feet
Fresh out the box and you can't compete
Pull at least 3 freaks when I'm at my peak
But that's... that's none of your business
Back to the mic and this lyrical fitness
Body of work stands strong like a gymnast
Ten years deep and you're just an apprentice
So f*ck off me, get me some coffee
Run down the hall b*tch, make me some copies
Dittos memos, no problem-o
Rolling down the window and I'm tossing out your demo

[Verse 2: Vitamin D]
Vitamin D, the best thing to jump out your speaker
If you smokin' on that dirt then stomp out your reefer
I got fine genetics, got that funk that would reach your brain
Releasing endurance, you pump when I speak the
Fat words pump like [?]
A living single, show up to your crib and sprinkle
He was street driven, lingo
Girls get by the speaker so your earrings jingle
While the kick drums kick, it's gon' get
You stepping like a motherf*cker with no whip
It's far from the video rap where all they do is
Dangle money in your face like a hypnotist
It's pretty much gon' put you to sleep
What an inherited rapper, budgeted beats
You need a break, holler like the man on the track
Serving all the Pacific, Atlantic and back
And I'm gone

[Verse 3: Mr. Lif]
Mr. Lif, the best to ever jump up out your speaker
The grim reaper, you think you're slick, but I peeped ya
Take a toke, fall deep into the smoke
And hope I may let you get away, but no
'nother possibility, at least not feeling me
Now pray motherf*cker, I'm about to launch a killing spree
Edible, transcend, I'll dead your soul
What do people think? Here take another poll
Those in favor say aye (aye)
It takes on son, pure malfunction
What I've just done is chemically alter
Your current state of being so your spirit go father
I'm a monster, a beastly being
What you're seeing is too far, beyond description
You got the track hit by 3 hitmen
A dense motherf*cker, I'll be leaving you limping

You should know by now, how my team be holding down
Tryna get up on my level, get you leveled, in a hole in the ground
But, I don't really think y'all catching the feeling
The fact, we'd rather be on top and stacking our millions
So we keep giving y'all that drug y'all need
Crack music

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