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"Walk Like a God"

[Verse 1: Murs]
Our Father, how great thou art
Your divine spirits helped create my art
My biological was not around
Last name 3:16, an underground
King of King, Lord of Lord, my only savior
Hip-hop saved my life, I'm highly favored
God bless the B-boys
DJ's and the writers, shout out to Trouble T-Roy
Pete Rock-in' all the prophet
Use the music like Moses to move, you can't stop it
It's God music, you can't deny it
My hand grab the mic, and man, I sanctify it
You can't deny the divinity
Make you feel the power of life in your vicinity
Changed my life, I know that it changed yours
He gave us heaven but the streets is what you aim for
Need to use that flick of the wrist to aim higher
Spit to keep it lit, but keep us burning in the same fire
That's eternal like the shame is
Praise to the creator, whatever you say his name is

[Verse 2: Rapsody]
More spiritual than religious, I pray God forgive us
Try to live life the best I can, but know I'm still a sinner
Ask my Auntie Del advice about this fellowship-ment
I ain't baptized and I grew up a Jehovah's Witness
In my heart, I don't believe he'll shun you for different religions
If a heart good and we try to follow his wishes
Whether you're Muslim, Baptist, Mormon, whatever the difference
A lot of good people decipher the Bible quite different
Who's to say who right or wrong? Believing's prolific
Commandments the only thing that we probably agree with
I knew it's wrong to kill a life, one occasion that Jesus
Died for our sins, and I know atheists still don't believe it
I still pray, regardless of that fact, you're good people
And 'cause you don't believe in God, you still don't mess with evil
I pray every day, ask forgiveness for myself and others
And for good health for myself and family, I love you
I pray for ones I don't know yet and I'll never meet
I pray my heart's kind in my actions and my speech
I pray for patience, to listen way more than I speak
And pray for love, forgive me, God, I know it's wrong, I'm weak
And lastly, I pray for lives that you didn't choose to keep
We all ain't perfect, but we trying, at the very least
Every saint got a past and every sinner got a future
And I can't judge nobody, I'm just passing thoughts to you

[Verse 3: Propaganda]
Listen I ain't never walked on water, I'm not at all a know-it-all
Just know enough to know that knowin' Allah don't keep you on
There's things I can't explain like death and pain, and
Why suffering and rain seem to be the greatest teacher
And it seem to sneak up on you, eyes get swole up
Explosive as Hiroshima, hoping your focus hold up
And that logic get faulty
Cold boulder stone for more shoulders, salty
And the stuff we can't touch seem to be much more real, like
How we all connected and sing along to love songs
I believe these are Elohim's fingerprints
The sky above you is screaming, "I love you"
There were times I felt hip-hop was God's gift just for me
Can't verify it, but sure can't deny it
Colors and textures, I see beauty in scars
I have shaped my existence on his persistence
Knowable, relatable, God, our Father
Not a judgmental tyrant writing guilty on our eyelids
Scribbling eternity on black hearts of ours
While ancient Mayan astronomers could map the stars
Homie, I don't claim to have the answers to your pain
I believe the Son of Man was slain to say we the same
That third day raising, whether or not y'all praise him
I just give you these songs to say you're loved and belong
Our Father

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