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"Slob My Nob"

I would like to dedicate this song
To every girl who's sucked my di*k "thank you"
And from the bottom of my heart, girls I really mean that sh*t
All praises to your lips, for the many nights of bliss
I mean you gotta love somebody who puts their mouth where you p*ss
It's like this
sh*t I would do it if I could
But girl you know I'd break my back tryin' to polish my own wood
So it's, all to the good girl, do it like a gee-o
You got them kinda lips that make n*gga slap his P.O.,
Although I don't have one
If that's what you need, to keep you on your knees
Please believe you'll catch a bad one
Go back to what I said
I dedicate this song to every girl who's gave me head
Especially the ones
Who knew it was time to swallow without a word being said
And didn't get mad if I didn't give a warning
She just put it down her hatch, and kept on performing
You know, rockin' the mic, cleanin' the pipes
Or if she's a real head doctor she might say sumpt'n like
"Oh, f*ck my face! I wanna see how I taste!"
Huh, and when the homies call
"Uhh, What up, though"
I simply let 'em know that Agent Scully's on the case
And hella broads be fake
Talkin' bout they don't swallow, they don't like how it tastes
I say it's no home trainin'
Kinda like leaving a table before you clean your plate
I wasn't born with this sh*t it took twelve years to make
And you gonna let it go to waste? "hell no" let me put it all in place
You put in all this work you might as well finish the race
C'mon, you don't leave work early on pay day
You get your check before you walk so go ahead
And jack the magic beans right up out the stalk
Then plant 'em down your throat, who knows
The next day your freestyles might be dope
Nope! I'm just kiddin' "f*ck A NON-SWALLOW TRAMP!"
This song is a tribute to the c*ck suckin' champs
The deap throat divas with jaws like clamps
Lickin' ball like stamps, even when she's got the cramps
That's a No Limit Soldier, True Master of the P
But I make 'em say AHHH when I'm servin' ghetto D
I love the oral OG's, with rings in their tongue, sh*t I had to tell this one
You should move it to your tonsils cuz a n*ggas well hung
Huh, naaahh; I kill me, but check it out, feel me
I had this one broad who used to go at the job
Like a woman with no teeth versus corn on the cob
Wanted to stop her half way just to say good job
So if you got a girl and she dont slob your knob
I'm here to let your stupid ass know that your bein' robbed
And your dame is tired
Tell her to step into your office - "YOUR f*ckIN' FIRED!"
And if by the next album, she's still not suckin'
I'mma make a new song with step by step instructions
Easy for her ass to follow, the moral of the story is
The mean b*tches suck and the nice girls swallow
I said mean b*tches suck and nice girls swallow

"Oooh, oooh, oooh! I knew I knew ya. Damn it to hell
I knew your face looked familiar to me. Man, back in the day
Your wife could suck the MEANEST
Well I know you know, you a lucky man."

"You sc*m sucking son of a b*tch!!!
That's my ho you talk..uh, my wife you talkin' bout!"

"Oooh, oooh, oooh! Now I remember
I even remember your name!
They used to call you Jawbone!"


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