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"Walk Like A Woman"

[Verse 1]
It all started with my very first Playboy
My stepfather snatched it away, say boy
Too late, it’s imprinted on my DNA
The next twenty years I’m out chasing T&A
The female figure had me infatuated
Didn’t quit being a virgin until I graduated
Got an older woman, she was a good teacher
Completely crazy bout the academy, your creatures
Chicks, broad, dames are the feminine synonyms
I couldn’t think straight homie, I was so into them
I can’t be the only one who used to sneak off
Grabbed the Target ad and hit the bathroom to beat off
Okay maybe I’m a bit off
It just didn’t take much for me to get off
Hanes Her Way, Janet Jackson videos
Patti LaBelle’s legs on Arsenio
Really though, it wasn’t all physical
They gotta be intelligent, confident and original
Someone to laugh with, someone to chill with
I never had sex with a chick I couldn’t build with
Never could cheat, never was pimping
Never was a player, just a big fan of women
Always tried to be honest so it wouldn’t get ugly
They were so lovey, used to study my f*ck buddies
I wanted to buy em all Gucci and pearls
Honestly I was the biggest girl groupie in the world
I loved women but not like all guys
Take one look and I could tell a chick her bra size
The time of the month, I already know if she’s the
Type of girl that got a light or heavy flow
Wearing clothes or completely undressed
I love em all, I’m completely obsessed

But I’m so glad that you have found your dream
Oh I’m so glad that you would get a dream

[Verse 2]
When we first started dating I told you you were one of six
I was out there dating all kind of different chicks
Porn stars, prostitutes and twenty year olds
I was whiling out, not using any control
Self-control, birth control, I never took it personal
And if I got back with my ex you’d be the first to know
Of course she was awaiting, you was dating other people
We will be impatient like I’ll see you when I see you
And I got back with her and you back with him
And of course, me and her, we broke up again
Brought it to an end she was never no more
No more break-up song and no back and forth
But you were unsure so you tried to see us both
You lied to me and that’s what hurt me most
But instead of being mad I just took the blame
None of this had to happen if I wasn’t playing games
So we started over with a clean slate
Brand new knick, brand new wait
I forgot to tell her that we met on Myspace
And now you’re the reason there’s a smile on my face

[Hook x2]
And I’m so glad that I found you
Take my hand, let me put my arms around you
I’m so glad that I found you when I did
You changed me and gave me new reasons to live
I’m so glad that we found each other
My girl, best friend, then became my lover
I’m so glad that I finally found the one
So I locked you down, now there's nowhere to run

My heart is a yearning for you
Let me inside your love
My heart is a yearning for you
Let me inside your love

[Verse 3]
And she’s a hell of a lady
Always held me down, never came at me crazy
So I told myself, you mess this up she’ll find someone else
Call my Moms, it was time to make this official
Make this girl mine and she didn’t want a diamond ring
My baby, she was fly, she was into different kind of things
My birthstone was the white gold
A small price to pay cause the woman made my life whole
Ceremony in the wild west
She wore a white Jesse Johnson dress
Me an astronaut suit and some custom made single blend cowboy boots
Played bingo and danced all night
I swear to y'all, it was the greatest day of my life

[Hook x2]

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