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Keak da Sneak

"3 Freaks (remix)"

HELLO! (x3)...Hold It Down for da Bay
Yea..Turf Talk...Uh Oh...Bay Area..LETS GO!

(Keak Da Sneak)
Keak sneak and a...turf talk and a.../
Dos in da trunk and u gone get da sh*t/
If u think its almost over its not/
1 in to 2 know what im saying it dont matter just dont bite it aight/
I pulled up jumped in da scraper/
Me no pay 4 nuttin im spending a b*tches paper/
Tired ass game and n*gga wit no buisness/
Lets start something Ah turf lets look at these chicks/

Turf Talk and Keak Da Sneak(x8)
We Need 3...man we need Freaks
Its Her Booty (x6)

Rock Wit It or Not/
If i can't get in da club...da club in da parking lot/
Man...my stomach ain't ache'n/
But ima boss i dont pay too much for nathan/
Know you bought it, knocked it, and recopped it/
Dat turf and keak TURN IT UP AND KNOCK IT!/
Turf got flows he got murda ink/
I two peace a n*gga up out dis treat/
They can talk but let'em touch ya/
Dirty n*ggas keep heat up under they blubba/
Before da rap game...hood rich/
Hate a n*gga but boy another bad b*tch/
I ain't gotta ask man i know already/
A real hood n*gga wouldn't be dat pretty/
I ain't here for no problems/
But let there be less bite'n and slop'n/


3 in da house Jack Tripper he had 2/
But i keep something thick online like what it do/
Its Keak Da Sneak baby and did i mention im crazy/
Even Joe can even see dat u ain't forever my lady/
I got need and my wants is up to u popin tags/
And beleave me dat 3 is better then two/
So i oh i skeet skurt figure 8 man...
3 freaks came on fire for Da Bay!



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