If It Ain’t Wet lyrics

Che Ecru

If it ain't wet b*t*h don't say my name, yeah
If it ain't wet b*t*h don't call me brainless
If it ain't wet yeah I gon be losing
If it ain't wet b*t*h you know I'm choosen

If it ain't wet, I be p*ssed off
Pop-up in the (pu**y) like I'm Chris Bosh
Pop-up in the (pu**y) and I'm gon' be
Looking like a n***a who don’t got teeth
They hatin' cause they (pu**y)
They gon' get no (pu**y)
They jus' want some (pu**y)
But they smell like (pu**y)
They can't eat no (pu**y)
They don't got no (pu**y)
They jus' want some (pu**y)
But they all be (pu**y)

That's just was I said
I eat pu**y everyday
I put that sh*t up on some bread
I eat pu**y
pu**y good I skied in it
Sliding around like I'm skiing, b*t*h
f**king your girl cause she liked my d**k
So she won't leave, she ain't leaving it
She want take it with her
She want take my liqueur
I'mma take a b*t*h
From a n***a, yeah gold figure
Yeah I got numbers n***as
Big figures, yeah six figures
Making seven figures, in the year
Some I figure, yeah
It's better better
I'on got no dead vendettas
f**k your girl, she told me
The head was much better
But shawty

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