NOT AROUND Remix lyrics

Che Ecru

I make it snow in this b*t*h
I make it rain in this b*t*h
I make it snow in this b*t*h
You just mad you came for this sh*t
You drive a ford cause you can't afford this sh*t, yeah
She not in porn and sh*t
New car importing that b*t*h, yeah
Ain’t shorting no b*t*h
If I got money in my wallet and she my b*t*h
Spoil all on that b*t*h, uh
Yeah I gon' spoil on that b*t*h
Working for the crip
If you don't pick up my calls
You know you don’t treat me important and sh*t
Yeah you boaring and sh*t
Don't be ignore all my sh*t
Yeah she don't want no d**k
So now she at home, she ? her sh*t
She got a mane but that sh*t is lame
How could you let this little boy in your sh*t
Trust me b*t*h I ain't ignore all your sh*t
Putting my phone down in the morning and sh*t
Ion be checking my phone no-more
So Imma be late to your porn pic's
Why you giving me more to fix
Ion need more to fix
All that i need is a baddy and weed
Who melatonin in the morning and do
Hit with the speed, when I give her the D
And when I'm off the weed she want more of the D
She just want more of this sh*t, Uh
I Rick her Morty and sh*t
Let me exploring all
The sh*t, buzz in the pu**y got four on the clip
How you eat pu**y Ignoring the clit
I f**king your b*t*h, she snoring and sh*t
Yeah your boy ain't sh*t
That's why the hoe be ignoring the sh*t
Shawty want fendi, but you won’t no spendi
That’s why you run into stores and sh*t
Yeah she bad and sh*t
But I don't want to beg your b*t*h
I don’t knoe If i would c*m with that
You know she got way to much back in the sh*t
Louis Bag, Fendi bag, Prada Bag, Gucci Bag
I don't know what it is
I don't need b*t*hes ? but I know their homes look sh*t

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