Guerilla Maab
I’s a Playa
(*Russell Lee vocalizing*)

[Dougie D]
Chilling with my vatos, sitting back smoking on some vlahoes
Peeping out all of the b*t*hes, creeping up with the dub club carro
Like a jalepeno, baby girl hot let me rub the el gato
We can get away from here, to my place running to my casa del llamo
Just you and me girl, we smoking choking blowing on weed girl
Swanging our feet up, flipping on purple stuff up in a two liter
Its me Dougie D yeah, and that's the way that we floss in Texas
When it comes to being a playa, Dougie D can be nothing less, that late
Night bumping and grinding, I'mma make sure that you gon reach your climate
Ain't nothing but a young G, that's all that I can be and I'm shining
Steady crawling on down and, while you be riding think you broads get chose
Feeling on your t**ties when I'm riding on vogues, its jut the way the game goes
P-I-M to the motherf**king P, pop my collar roll on up a sweet
M to the motherf**king double A-B on sight, n***a go on chrome and creep
Riding on down gotta get it crunk one time, everyday all day we gon shine
I's a playa look I suppose, I just gotta be me and that's the way its going down

[Hook: Russell Lee - 2x]
I just gotta be a G, I just gotta be me
You f**king with a thug, fa sho
Catch me riding on chrome, late night in the zone
I's a playa, I suppose

Peep game, pull out the lot we untamed
Dropped in a drop with the missing top frame
Pop the trunk, better read the light mayn
Gliding your block, like a four do' airplane
Lane to lane, when I tipping on eight fo's
Crawling slow, but I be looking so thoed I's a playa, I suppose
Sitting two deep late night, with a bad yella ho
Everybody and they mama, trying to be like us
I'm known to get fly, so Texas tough
I got a 40-X, that I sit like a bus
Ain't no stopping us, or they wanna be knocking us
Like four 18's, coming up out the trunk
Ready to beat the block, until they call the cops
And if they call the cops, they better get they Glock
And try to take me out, because it ain't gon stop
Sideways in the drop, pour lean like bar
I must confess I's a G by far, Lil' ole Trae, riding blue over gray
While swinging wild like my name Roy J. Jones Jr., guaranteed to do you
When you step outta place, I'mma bring it to you
Uh give it up, 'fore I three-piece suit you
Screwed Up Click, never been no loser
No compet**ion, when it come to the Maab
Hopping up out the slab, with a big black dobb
No time to play, we get straight to the job
I'm a thug and a pimp baby, I don't barge
You can tell by the way, that I keep my grins
Still on I-10, yelling out f**k friends
M double A-B gotta make them ends
So I'mma put it in your face one mo' gin
[Hook - 2x]

I'm a playa I suppose, so go on and come up out your clothes
Really though, I don't give a damn about none of these hoes
Wouldn't put a b*t*h, in front of a cold fo
Wouldn't put a b*t*h, in front of my friend
But I will run up in the b*t*h, if she bend
On over, cause I run it out take it like a soldier
And then I'mma put her out like doja, cause I'm a motherf**king P-I-M-P
AKA putting in my p*n*s, and it ain't motherf**king V-A-J
I-N-A and I ain't gon play, stabbing that oon and choking on hay
Fin to have to put a brace on your pu**y bone
And then I'm gone I'm on my way, back in the street
I'm on my grind, f**k being dull I gotta be on shine
And I'mma be late never be on time, never call your cell, but you calling mine
Cause you love it when I be behind, hit it with her broad I know she gon mind
If a n***a bump I know she gon grind, pumping it punking until she crying
But it ain't no commitment I'm out the do', Z-Ro the Crooked out Ridgemont 4
Not no punk and I'm not no ho, disrespect me and I'll tag your toe
1-8-7 I'm one of a kind gangsta, I put one in your mind
But I'd rather put one in you for trying to, you wasting time

[Hook - 2x]

[Russell Lee]
I just gotta be a G, I just gotta be me
I just gotta be Russell Lee, ain't no sucking me
I just gotta be a G, my n***as and my thugs
You f**king with some thugs