Guerilla Maab
Dirty Southside
Dirty Southside, got your mouth wide open
Peeping and scoping, the way we sip syrup and smoking
From Texas to Oakland, we transporting dope and
If we you think we joking, we leave your hearts broken
I bury a stone, in these H-Town streets
I did mines technique, and now I rap to eat
N***a ain't sh*t sweet, bout the Southside killas
Untamed guerillas, executing for the scrilla
Thugs and drug dealers, we get it how we live
We gather our sives, and ain't got sh*t to give
Please lend me your ears, and focus your eyes
On this plan I divide, the cakes and pies
This a word from the wise, platinum can and strategize
Super size your fries, and O's each for the scatter
True soldier never dies, a real thug never cry
Big H.A.W.K and Trae, are made n***as on the rise

You better believe that, I got behind effect everyday of my life
This is the home of the shife, thugs and killas caught up in the street life
Trying to get paid from Tennessee, from living as a ghetto star
And these boppers be steady scheming, trying to pull up in a foreign car
Living that fast life, and you only wanna see that lime light
But the fast life ain't the good life, so n***a get your mind right
Cause money bring a n***a stress, making your kin folk wanna plex
So you restless and reckless, and 24-7 you strapped with a vest
You feel me mayn

Dirty Southside
In your time of need, you won't
Dirty Southside
Can't tell your friends, from your foes
Dirty Southside
Just can't trust, these dirty hoes
Dirty Southside
Where n***as die for the love, of dough

I be reckless in Texas, and I ain't taking no loss
Trying to play with my dough, and you gon get bumped off
You gon wind up missing if you keep f**king with me, you'll see
And while the game is shady, you see these fellas stay the same
So you better be careful, when you speak my name
Its more than the cash, and its deeper than the flame with me, ooh wee

[Dougie D]
Welcome down to the Dirty, the Dirty Southside
Where n***as bubble and grind, and hustle they hardest to shine
And some die for the dough, never put your trust in a hoe
And all the distractions in the mist of your money, just let that go
Best believe its fa sho, n***as so tired of being broke
Thinking up in the game, I came here to make my money grow
I just stood on the blocks, living and keeping and sh*t hot
C*cking my Glock, watching for people trying to knock
Ain't nobody gon do it, like them boys in the Dirty do it
Living up to the name, Dougie D running right on through it
I'ma keep it on fire, off of the chain off of the wire
Till time has expired, f**king it up till I retire, on da


[Chris Ward]
I'm from the Southside, where its dirty as hell
Where n***as got pints of drank, and birdies for sale
Right when you think we fall off, that's when we prevail
Y'all still talking down, f**k it oh well
You can say what you wanna say, and do what you wanna do
Mad cause we number one, and y'all ain't even much number two
I wonder what's gon be the topic, when you see me coming through
Screens lit, greens lit, in a new BMW
That's where the topic changes, to uh who's who
Everybody know I'm Chris Ward playa, but who is you
And what's so funny, not only these n***as these butches hate me
Mad cause they can't date me, make me or break me
I got street smarts, that's why I use my muscle and mind
Even though I rap, I still hustle and grind
Right quick I get a white brick, cold I'm busting it down
Cause on the Southside, its a must that we shine n***a

[Chorus - 2x]