Guerilla Maab
R U Down
[Bridge - Z-Ro]
Stained up, roach a** n***as in my mix... Mix

[Verse 1 - Z-Ro]
I heard a stranger say guerilla till I die
But motherf**kers be claiming the name in vain
N***a you ain't never witnessed the pain
But I got a diploma for making b*t*h n***as hold they jaw
When I pull a nine out, I'mma find out witch n***a told the law
When my homie was located, incarcerated in 701
It's like going from heaven to slum, motherf**ker now you know
This is dedicated to you, dear b*t*h
This is dedicated to the coward n***as of your click
The Gemini killer is coming to get the motherf**kers
But they fin to feel this approach from behind
For the mighty motherf**kin power ranger danger becuase of my anger
Never been no stranger to one in the chamber so run
RIP coming across the chamber with my gun
No coming back, welcome to my world, I'll show you pain you never seen it
Slapping patches out of n***as and we mean it when we scream it
Never be givin' a good god damn
So why did they go and get us started?
Now it's time to show these n***as we the hardest
All I want to know is are you down?

[Hook - 2x]
How many n***as want to ride with me
They say my mob is a threat to society
Because we mobbing in masks
Get the gauge and we blast
And quick to put a motherf**ker on his a**
Are you down?

[Verse 2 - The Fakkulty]
Now which one of you n***as are fake
And tell me which one of you n***as are real
I might not find out now
But I guarantee if you cross me, knock out your grill
Cause I don't feel, a n***a should chill with me, steal from me
Smile in my face and stabbed me in my back see?
Obviously, that n***a ain't down with me
And he ain't who he claim to be, but it ain't no game to me
I take it seriously, and keep my eyes on my motherf**king enemies

[Verse 3 - T.A.Z.]
Got to keep my distance g, cause I know they plotting on me
To set me up for a homicide or robbery
But it ain't no thang to me, cause I got my family
Killa Klan and Guerilla Maab coming catastrophe
You get snatched if we, feel you less than a man
I'm in a clan where n***as trained to kill with that by hands
But they don't understand, until they been there
Are you down or what? Cause if not then beware!
[Hook - 2x]

[Bridge - Z-Ro]
Stained up, roach a** n***as in my mix... Mix

[Verse 4 - Z-Ro]
Now most of the time I'm by myself 'cause all of my friends are fake
How many more chins willI have to check
Until the bones in my wrist and my fist finally break
But I was born, as a child of the corn
Now between heaven and hell I'm torn and trapped in a motherf**king storm
I'm ready to kill and I'm ready to die, my mind is constantly gone on fry (n***a)
You lost when I bumped you off, then I dumped you off
For the crime in the south, it's about time to close shop
'Cause the nine Glock put a n***a in a pine box, I need some gin
I celebrate the murder death kill of a n***a that really won't breath again
But there ain't another n***a that's as cold as I
And I'm gon' hold on to my guerillas until I'm told to die
But motherf**kers be throwin' up sets when they be rolling by
But motherf**kers are horizontal with a swollen eye
I'mma keep me a lean on, Robitussin
Got to keep me a Glock that I be bustin'
I got to to keep my eyes open wider
Motherf**kers be thinking they MacGyver
Pull a stunt, got a trick up they sleeve
Hate me? Motherf**kers don't like breathing
When a guerilla like me never be leaving
I got a man with a verse that I be reading
But are you down?
[Hook - 4x]