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Lil Soda Boi

"​i miss you brother"

I miss u brother
Just like all the others
Its all the same
U know it just won't change

I dont know what feels right anymore
Just like the first time hurt to the core
And you know
I love u im telling u so
Wish for death and i hate this pain
I can't regret these things again
Because its not right and its not fair
U make me smile
Because i dont care

If i dont feel ever again
Lost a thousand of my friends
U can't tell me its alright
I can't be healthy
This won't be the last time i mess up
I fell down i dont wanna get up
Im not prepared
And im not ready
Its just too hard it feels to heavy
Girl u got me hanging for u
I just can't believe that its true
I dont even know what to do
Everything its gotta be new
All designer clothes and the shoes
Stick me back together with glue

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