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Lil Yachty


Lyrics from Snippet

[Intro: Trippie Redd]

[Chorus: Trippie Redd]
You won't get the chance with this, the man with this
I gotta leave a plan for this, nah
And they don't understand the drip, the man that glist
Man it's Superman, that Kryptonite, yeah

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Ayy, ayy, at 18 bought my first Mercedes
Now me and the team f*ckin' all the ladies, ayy
Big diamond rings, yeah, that super drip
Drop three-hundred cash on that super whip
Whatever Trippie on, I'm on the same thing
Left that n*gga sittin' f*ckin' with [?]
And your b*tch sucked my di*k just like sugar candy
b*tch, I don't rock [?], just [?]

[Verse 2: Trippie Redd]
[?] right, uh
Pull up with big guap and then I make it rain, huh
Yeah, 'Rari candy paint
Crib I just got look like Dr. Strange, uh
Yeah, momma said don't talk to strangers
Try to talk to me, b*tch, you get that middle finger
Stand by my gangster, I bought a banger
Try to test me b*tch, I'm just like Texas Ranger
Yeah (Ayy)

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