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Lil Yachty

"Money Team"

Sailing team, money team, same thing
f*ck all you old n*ggas hatin'
f*ck all you young n*ggas bitin'
n*gga, we really runnin' this sh*t
We the youngest n*ggas flexin', y'all see us
Y'all know what's up, let's get it

To every old n*gga sleepin', b*tch, it's time to wake up
Shoot out the roof, this sh*ts a stick up, stay inside, no steak out
I might cop a lake house and put diamonds in the doorbell
That old rock that as a [?], y'all go run and go tell
Always ready, hands up first if you ain't got my fetti
Stay with Vercetti, that's my brother, we sh*t on 'em daily
When this beat drop, they gon' run this sh*t back, Champ Bailey
I'm rich as hell, I see why she wanna have my baby
b*tch, I rep the-
Money team, money team, money team, money team
(Grr, graa, graa, graa)
Money team, sailing team, same sh*t for sure though
Yokohamas out the floor though, ghost ride for the four-doors
(Skirt, skirt-skirt-skirt)
She get loose off the Four Loko (Yeah)
Oh my God, she's so trashed (b*tch)
If your mama seen you right now, bet she'd whip on your ass (Yeah, yeah, Lil Boat)
Diamonds shine inside my mouth like I'ma wash it with glass (Ha)
My new whip on Sarah Palin, oh God, I'm a jack-ass (Wow)
Oh God, you a wack-ass (b*tch)
Just copped my moms a new Rollie, face same color as grass (Real)
These n*ggas hatin' on lil' Boat because I show my whole ass (Yeah)
I'm young as f*ck with no class (No)
I count a hundred, guess who fund it? n*gga, not your poor-ass
These n*ggas lyin' in their raps, you fairy-tellin' folk-ass
b*tch, you not that pretty in real life, all my n*ggas done gassed

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