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Lil Yachty


[Spoken: Lil Yachty, Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, Laura Stylez]
Where did you grow up, where you from?
What's this obsession with the whole nautical theme?
Where's that come from?

It's just, like a, it's just like a brand
It's my thing
Yeah, Nautica was popping at a time
It was a time when Nautica was popping

Yeah, like in the 90s
Well yeah, like back in the day, like
When you guys were younger
So, probably your older brother, right?
No, my brother didn't
So, you're borrowing from things we already did?
We respect that, we like that
That's how it's supposed to happen

That's oldschool to him
It is? no, it's oldschool to us
No, no, Nautica's oldschool
I know, i didn't say it wasn't
I didn't say i was doing something new?
No, no, no, i don't think anyone said that
But you're right

What you talking about, why you so defensive?
I don't know, i just, i feel like
These stations are supposed to
You supposed to, like, have your own back
No, you're confusing us with the other ones
Oh, no
They're gonna play you, we don't wanna play you
(They're gonna play you, we don't wanna play you)
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