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Lil Yachty


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Ay, Ay
We've been on and off for four years
So tell me what it is (EarlOnTheBeat)
Tell me what to do
I've been doing wrong
But baby so have you
Don't leave me by myself
Don't leave me all alone
Love is just a four letter word, yes I know
I just wanna know
Tell me do you love
Things that I do
The way that I am
Or do you pursue
Me as in my words
Or is it my life
Playing with my nerves
I'm not good with love
Baby girl I'm lost
I'll pay for you love just tell me what it costs
I'm not trynna flex, not trynna floss
I've been running up M's girl, come be with a boss
I know that love's a four letter word
Tell me what that mean
Tell me where you've been
Tell me what you've seen
Let's take trips to overseas
Where the grass is green
Unlimited drugs, mighty percs and lean
I know what you want.. I know-
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