Lil Yachty

"Blind Em"

[Intro: Lil Yachty]
(Oooh, Sav killed it)
Yuh, grrr

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Aye, think I'm in love with my b*t*h momma
Red rag wrapped around the head like I work for Osama
My b*t*h pu**y bald head look like Dalai Lama
Who got the percs i need f-f-fifteen
My asian b*t*h rich and bold London Tipton
How the f**k cop knew that bro someone tipped him
Soon as we find out bet that we dip him
Heard that the opps got locked up we gon' bond him
Huh, we gon' find him, tie him up and grind him
These n***as d**k suckin' what I thought I signed him
Would shine some light on him but it might blind him
Aye, i need a 8th of wo'
Never leave the house I'm strapped boy you know I keep my pole
Chopstick on me and it sing like Nat King Colе
n***a think he flexin' money boy I seen mo'
n***a think hе flexin' big hoes we f**ked em before
Shoutsout YN Jay I know he gon' get the Rolls
Aye it's big boat, play with me I stick tote
Ain't no sick note, finna get me a Rick coat
I do not tip toe I'm good where I walk
Miss me some wok keep some wok in the stock
Jet skis at the dock got a boat by the jet skis
Been f**kin' b*t*hes since the Gameboy SP
Been f**kin' b*t*hes since a n***a was a lil' one
Playin' with my name imma make a n***a feel sumn' on god
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