Ice Cold lyrics

Lil Yachty

I know you know I know I need you here
That's probably why you're never ever here
You left my heart froze like cold turkey
All my diamonds cold like cold soda
Uh, oh, yeah, yeah

You'll probably never know the real story
You said your homeboy raps, can he afford me?
Cause I'm not doin' favors no more
You left my heart on the floor
b*t*h, you cannot play me, I'm a lord
Trap 6, pop your spinal cords, woah
I broke your best friend's headboard
d**k so good, turn that hoe to George
That means she get curious
Hoe from 619, she mystеrious
pu**y tsunami gang got me delirious
Oh, oh, but I don't need her
If shе go hungry, I'm the first person to feed her
Yeah, yeah, sh*t is gettin' too real
Oh, yeah, yeah
Woah, I know you know I need you here
That's pretty petty of you

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