Gangsta Pat
Niggas I Hang Wit
[* Gangsta Pat talking *]

[Verse 1]
We be the baddest motherf**kers on the block, wreckin' shop
Makin' hoes drop they a** and these big bodies drop
The cream of the f**kin' crop, we be soakin' like a f**kin' mop
Crooked as a f**kin' cop and we never gonna stop
Slangin' rocks out out socks and our pistols c*cked
Thinkin' when we plot
On these motherf**kers, money on the table
You can label us as gangstas, pimps, and killers
Thug, chronic demons, Crown and Moet sippers
Bumpin' out the frame bringin' street pain to busters
Then Hell take us under, we be mobbin' cause we rugged
N***as I hang with down with 187, 211's
And our minds is f**k the world cause we not half steppin'
Some of us got P.O. some of us on parole
All of us takin' tolls, in control so behold
Life is the lyrical of murder, hit where it hurts
These n***as I hang with like these b*t*hes but money first

[Hook x2]
These are the n***as that I hang with (Hang with)
These are the n***as that I bang with (Bang with)
These are the n***as that I slang with (Slang with)
These are the n***as that I'm in a gang with (Gang with)

[Verse 2]
If you n***as ain't scared, throw yo hood in the air
It's Mr Loo, I'm coming through with the braids in my hair
The Blackhaven zone, where n***as smoke every day
I from Little Rock but I'm in Memphis tryin' to get money man
We on a mission tryin' to come up to that million spot
But how the hell we gonna do it with these hatin' a** cops
Including these b*t*h a** n***as, I'm down to kill you all
Come to these South Coast hustlers and get that b*t*h a** tossed
Take a walk on my side, ya punk a** might not survive
I'm a die hard n***a and ready for the hoo ride
Day and night, we can slide and handle low down business
On my life, I blast I can't leave no witness
See picture this, the n***as that I hang with
They take no bullsh*t, and ain't afraid to empty out a full clip
Sh*t, you better try to get a grip
Need something on ya hip, f**k with these n***as that I hang with

[Hook x2]
[Verse 3]
I'm in the back of the box, bustin' at b*t*h n***as in my path
Disrespect my click, we resortin' to blood bath
In yo neighborhood, corruptin' ya block with them Glocks
And I'm thick as the plot, die hard lickin' them shots
F**k n***as gotta duck when we bust ain't no missin'
We aiming point blank range and got you cowards p*ssin'
In ya pants, tak a chance, violate
Watch us diolate
With these drive by's and homicides in ya eyes
Can't you recognize, we for real so what's the deal
The more that the rap get real, the more that these cats can feel
I thinkin' perhaps you feel you can get some
Teflon bullets through the jaw quick
You know that I am with some
Murder crosses my mind, my hand touches my nine
Got n***as rushin' for cover, b*t*hes rushin' us fine
Our hidin' spot, the sh*t don't stop and we gon' continue
Comin' we buck with some f**ked n***as on the menu

[Hook x2]