Gangsta Pat
My Gator’s
[Verse 1]
My gators walk through shake joint doors
And I wear em' when I stomp these broke a** hoes
I stepped on stage, silk shirt and a fade
All the b*t*hes gay and a pimp got paid
F**k snake skin cause that sh*t cheap
I keeps the motherf**kin' gators on my feet
Milano's, sell em' just over a grand
With pimp stick in hand, I'ma take command
My gators and me close as can be
We done pimped plenty hoes, my gators and me
We ride around together, mackin' forever
And we ain't f**ked up if we caught in bad weather

My gators
My gators
My gators
My gators

[Verse 2]
My gators stompin' on all ho tracks
B*t*h ya step on my foot and ya might get smacked
With no shoe strings in em' I did not with em'
My b*t*h bought em' for me with the tags still in em'
I like to sport em' that's why the ho bought em'
A n***a tried to get me and I f**ked around and caught em'
Put a whoppin' with that heat, left him layin' in the street
Silk pants on my legs and my gators on my feet
I should've wrote his a** off but I let the n***a slide
Wiped the blood off my gators and jumped back in my ride
I stay pimp sharp, ain't barrin' you traitors
I keep it P.I. and I stay away from haters

[Verse 3]
Now me and my gators do the craziest sh*t
We known for hittin' clubs tryin' to pimp on a b*t*h
We stay away from n***as who perpetrate
And I take my ho from state to state
I travel along gravel, dirt roads, or streets
I wear em' through rain, hail, snow, or sleet
I stomp through doors everywhere I go
When a ho see them gators she already know


[Verse 4]
Now the gators I possess, my n***a they rare
Last time I checked I had fifteen pair
I sport the all black ones when it's time to chill
And the big block rings when it's time to get ill
Got a pair that I wear when I'm takin' a cruise
When b*t*hes see em' then they automatically choose
My gators and they all look brand new
I stay fresh, match up with a silk or two
I got the two-toned gators and they black and white
The ones I like to wear when I rock the mic
I graduated from the pimp university
HBO took the game and put it on TV
My gators are seen on the big screen
I got hoes in Hollywood if ya know what I mean
I started from the bottom, you suckers ain't got em'
And don't be a hater if ya n***as can't cop em'