Gangsta Pat
We Buck Up N Dis
[* Background Mumbling *]

[Verse 1]
I'm at the club thugged out, Tommy from head to toe
Smokin' on that green leaf, mackin' me hoe
Hangin' in the door, had to decide I'm real thuggish
N***as be hatin' that sh*t cause they b*t*hes, they love us
I'm grilled up across the top, representin' the South
Where ya quick to get broke off if ya runnin' ya mouth
It ain't no doubt about these killers, if ya call em' they comin'
Gun shots at all the hot spots keep n***as runnin'
I'm at the bar gettin' f**ked up, sippin' on me some Hen
Tryin' to mack to this b*t*h with this dyke a** friend
I told that dyke ho "Why don't you carry yo punk a** on"
That b*t*h decided to say something smart and I knew it was on
I swat the ho out, the punk must have thought she was pimpin'
Here ths b*t*h come again with about seven, eight n***as
I told these tricks "I'm outside if you comin' with anna"
I poped the trunk and lit that b*t*h up like "The Star-Spangled Banner"

[Hook x2]
Cause see we buck up in this b*t*h
Fixin' to tear up some sh*t
Better call 5-0 if you wanna survive ho
Sh*t, it ain't no stoppin' once the units get poppin'
Spit rounds, into the ground is where them bodies be droppin'

[Verse 2]
I'm on the strip ridin' clean on a Saturday night
Street lights got me flickin' plus I keep my sh*t tight
Black Magic sprayed on the tires, my Vogues like jewels now
Drivin' them hoes crazy, they wanna come to me now
I'm by myself, ridin' solo with that yok in my lap
In this town you got n***as that jack for sh*t and get snapped
You can tell when you see em' they be more ready to scuffle
Tail lights out, no tags and they missin' a muffler
I drop the top and I'm lookin' in my rear-view mirror
I seen some n***as look like jackers comin' up from the rear
I put that yok in my back, I knew they wouldn't get far
One n***a met up with that unit and told me get out the car
I acted scared, put my hands up and I got out the ride
I waited good until his trick a** n***a got up inside
He tried to pull out, I bucked his a** twice in the head
Shot up they clicked and peeped em' twice to make sure they was dead

[Hook x2]
[Verse 2]
I'm in the park with my n***as smokin' on Optimos
Drinkin' Moet, trippin' off these broke a** hoes
These suckers puttin' on a show tryin' to impress these b*t*hes
Drivin' all outta control, bouncin' like they got switches
If they hit my sh*t, I'ma rip a hole in they a**
They let excitement from speedin' take control of they a**
Just as I said it, some n***a ran into me with his Chevy
I grabbed that f**kin' yok and told them b*t*hes get ready
I jumped out and didn't ask questions
All you see was that fire jumpin' out that Smith-N-Wesson
I blowed his a** off and now it's time to bounce from the scene
Before I smashed off I hit another blunt from that green
I started smokin' like ain't nothin' happen
One thing about it, if it's drama then I'm cappin'
Don't play no games, if you do you might get sprayed quick
F**kin' aroun and I'm down with this gangsta sh*t
Get cho' wig split

[Hook x4]