Gangsta Pat
G’N 4 Life
What's up dog, I'm still about my hustle, ya know what I'm sayin'
Out here in this game tryin' to maintain
Ain't a damn thang chaged about me I still the motherf**kin' G
Sh*t n***a, feel me on this one

[Verse 1]
I used to be the first n***a on the blocks with the rocks
Lil' hustlin' a** G, you just rap with them Glocks
Money in the stash spot, hid deep in them bushes
On this track the fiends know who robbin' the pushers
I keep an eye out for the law cause they runnin' up on ya
Violate money wise and I'm bloody up on ya
That's how it is in the South Memphis n***as be plenty
On the strip, ridin' box Chevy's with gold out twenties
So many women cause we got our pimpin' tight
Known to bag a ho and take her money the same night
See the same light that I'm seein'
Then recognize that I'm serious about my G'n
You hypnotized by the system, blindin' you from seein' the game
I'm tryin' to keep all my G brothers from bein' in vein
Be on my plan cause the game is so scandalous and triflin'

But I'm a playa till the end and waitin'
Cause I'm G'n for life, I'm G'n for life, I'm G'n for life
I'm G'n for life, I'm G'n for life, I'm G'n for life
I'm G'n for life, I'm G'n for life

[Verse 2]
I'm out to get paid out in these wicked streets
I'm tired of seein' all my n***as covered up in sheets
Should've packed the heat, it's gettin' deep
I'm stayin' clear of these scandalous hoes
I trust a n***a, steady smokin' plenty Optimos
As I cruise through the city on them fatties and Vogues
I keep that yok in me lap cause they think it's for show
So now ya know, I'm a G and ain't to be taken for granted
I'm stayin' true to all my laws and these b*t*hes can't stand it
It's gettin' hectic, give me nya trap and I'm gon' check it
I'm packin' till I die and these b*t*hes gon' respect it
It's crucial but weed is an every day evil
In that drama we gon' swash and bust shots to they temple
With no remorse, stayin' ten toes down
But my crowd got family all around
Soon as I hit the town I'm goin' platinum underground
Still keepin' it hype
Shed the b*t*hes from my hood, it's all good, I'm G'n for life

[Verse 3]
I'm kickin' down doors with my gator boots
Tryin' to execute my plans and make that major loot
Hopin' they don't shoot
When I hit the scene tryin' to make my dreams come true
I'm strictly pimpin' so you can let the system run you
But they can't run me, I'm protected by knowledge
Cause in this game ain't nobody that can hold me hostage
And every day I'm tryin' to see who walkin' down and smokin'
Steady rollin' up that green and puffin' clouds of dope
I'm bout to choke, ain't no hope for none of y'all stuck in the system
Steady gettin' blasted at and they hopin' they missin'
There's so much pain in this dirty game
Too much drama and these n***as out to hurt chu' man
And keep you under, plenty stress down on yo chest
Long as you live life gon' put chu' through so many tests
You got to give all you got, keep it true and hard and think twice
Game tight, holdin' me down right, I'm G'n for life