Gangsta Pat
Homicidal Lifestyle
Homicidal Lifestyle

Bailiff: All rise for the judge. You may be sitted. Case No. 36 Gangsta Pat vs the jury. Mr Gangsta Pat, you’re charged with three counts of aggravated a**ault and possession of a deadly weapon. So could you please take the witness stand and explain your side of the story?

Gangsta Pat: Alright, check it out

Verse 1:
Here we go another day, and I’m living like a maniac
I got my 9 and imma pull the hammer back
And get violent, but I don’t try to be
Sometimes there’s a demon inside of me
He’s tryna make me do wrong and all that
But I snap and come back and put away the gat
And then my mind goes blank and I’m falling, G
And I can hear the nine millimeter calling me
It’s telling me to come commit another homicide
So I hopped in my truck and go for a ride
And now I’m looking for a victim and my mind’s blank
I’m feeling funny cause I took a hit from the dank
There’s another person living inside of me
And it’s a bad case of split personality
I need help, so lock me up for a while
I’m sick of living in this Homicidal Lifestyle

Homicidal Lifestyle, homicidal lifestyle
I’m sick of living in this homicidal lifestyle (x4)

Counselor: Your Honor, he is lying! He is not getting to the point! You have no excuse to a**ault another citizen! I demand justice! The story that he is telling is made up, your Honor! Can’t you tell that this young man is lying?! Would you please tell the truth, Mr. Gangsta Pat?!

Judge: Order in my court. Mr. Gangsta Pat, could you please precede with the story?

Gangsta Pat: Alright

Verse 2:
I wake up in the morning with a strange feeling
It ain’t right, I got an appet**e for the killing
So I head to the kitchen for a butcher knife
Open the door and I was blinded by a strange light
I knew that I was going crazy from the get go
And then I turn into a spider, a black widow
I tried to climb the wall and fell, boy did that hurt
I think the devil try to make me do his dirty work
I tried to climb something else and hit my head again
I pa**ed out and woke up in my bed again
I start thinking something’s fishy and it just ain’t right
I could’ve sworn it was morning but it’s midnight
I looked down and I’m tied in a straight jacket
I want out, i start sweating cause I can’t hack it
I need help, my mind’s going buck wild
I’m sick of living in this homicidal lifestyle
Chorus: (x4)

Elder lawyer: (mumbling)
Can’t you see that there’s something wrong with the boy? You know he’s not in his right mind. But he paid me for the case. So.... it’s up to you whatever you want to do with him. You know it’s cool, it’s all good. Gangsta Pat, go ahead and continue

Verse 3:
I’m going crazy and I really can’t help it, G
I’m always thinking that somebody tryna kill me
I’m having flashbacks, so I start to duck and run
All of a sudden there’s a boom made him dropped that bomb
And now I’m sweating cause I feel my body getting warm
I realize I’m in the middle of Vietnam
Here come the sergeant and he’s telling me to guard his back
But I can’t, cause I’m standing here without a gat
I hear a bang and I fall so I guess I’m dead
Open my eyes and all I saw was bloodshed
I must be dreaming, so I pinched myself and woke up
Look in the mirror and realized I was locced up
Threw up my set, and I bail through my neighborhood
I’m back to normal, so everything feels good
I’m not a killa and hurting people is not my style
This is the end of a homicidal lifestyle

Chorus (x4)

Judge: Mr. Gangsta Pat, I sentence you to twenty years in the state prison

Gangsta Pat: What?! 20 years?! Man you can’t give me no twenty years

Bailiff: Come on, boy! Let’s go, boy!

Judge: Get this man out of my courtroom. Get him outta here! Now!

Gangsta Pat: You can’t give no twenty years, man! I ain’t going back! I ain’t going nowhere! You better kill me!

(Song fades out)