Gangsta Pat
Hi, I'm here to provide you with four easy steps
To make sure you are listening to this ca**ette correctly
If you follow these steps properly
It should enhance the enjoyment of your listening pleasure
Step 1: Go to your local drug infested neighborhood and purchase
A 20 sac of the finest, and largest quant**y of chronic you can find
Step 2: Proceed to your nearest corner store, and purchase a single
Or a full pack of Swisher Sweet cigars
Step 3: Find a good razor, or any sharp pointy object
Carefully make an incision down the mental of the cigar until it splits in half
Step 4: Carefully sprinkle the chronic directly down the center of the cigar
Roll it up tightly, and place it in the microwave
Or, you can manually seal it with the cigarette lighter
Light the end of it, take a hit, and enjoy the rest of this ca**ette