Only You
1 - [Boo] For only you n***a, I would cherish all of these times
[Rock] For only you, I'd live a fuckin' world of crime
[Boo] For only you, give me feelings that I can't understand
[Rock] For only you, be the one to help me murda yo' man

Repeat 1

[Gangsta Boo]
I love you n***a, listen to me, tell me what you need
I got yo' back & front, baby, do what you please
But you hurt me, boy, you just drivin' me crazy
Thinkin' of the day we met in yo' 600 Mercedes
Havin' suicidal thoughts
Oops, I love you too much
You just don't know what you be doin' when I'm feelin' yo' touch
Get to schemin, play a role, like I'm in a soap opera
Findin' bitches number in yo' wallet, and how I'mma stop it
(What should I do?) Go bother the n***as that is down wit yo' crew
]From me to you, this Gangsta Boo, and I'm just tellin' the truth
You hurt me bad, feelin' strange, wit revenge on my mind
Call my baby from the 8 and say "it's been a long time"
How are ya doin'? (Doin' great)
I got problems on mind
This n***a told me that he love me, but I guess he's a liar
Somebody, bye bitch n***a, I'mma get yo' ass back
You played up on a real bitch, now it's time fo' yo' nap
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

[T. Rock]
This is givin' me asistance in committin' adultery in the late night
Makin' love 'til ya had me where I couldn't concentrate right
Hypnotizin' my thought process wit love, ? & venom
Prepared to kill for you, I fold, make sure pistol that pin 'em
Though you be wit it, this affair is too good to be true
It must be blessed
Besides, yo' man is too posessive & over-protective
You want him deceased, I'll be da trigga man on the piece
After it's over, you & I can have an intimate feast
Let me know the time & location plus how to do it
You told me 12 at yo' house, sliced & least dilluted
So I'm creepin' to the doorstep of your 30 million mansion
It's time fo' havoc, ???, he'll be evicted on the fuckin' minute
You been takin' shovin' & orders
He bust & you're a torch
Sliced him to death, threw his carcus over the river water
Now it's Paco & Miss Lady, modern day Clyde & Bonnie
Livin' off your husbands real money, for greediness ???

Repeat 1
Repeat 1
[Gangsta Boo]
I tried to be good, I didn't want to set him up for this
But mama sold jewelry, what you sold you bitch
I'm cookin', makin' him feel good after it's all planned
I'm havin' second thoughts but now I got me a new man
(His last meal)
Like his ass locked up hell tight
I sexed him down once he ate his food, this was like right
After the clock struck 9, 12 on midnight, he finished
Cuz my baby Paco wanna blow his brains on the ceiling
Hope his folks don't be mad
Fuck it! I just might flee
Because he left a lot of money in the S-A-F-E
Too good to be true
Gangsta Boo love somebody
But you nobody until yo' ass kill somebody
I'm thinkin' quick, my hands are wet, maybe it's from my sweat
11:45 is here, I guess the stash it 'tected
So blood baths can begin cuz I'm in it to win
Not to be hurt in the end
I'm a deadly friend