Heen Bout It
[Hook: T-Rock]
He talk alot about the game but he ain't got it, heen got it
He talk alotta gangsta shit but he ain't 'bout it, heen 'bout it
Come test my gangsta lil buddy like we ain't rowdy
Watch me empty out the clip and leave the murder scene cloudy
Pussy n***a ya ain't 'bout it, he ain't 'bout it
Who you buckin' who you blastin'? He ain't ride it, he ain't ride it
He ain't really 'bout that action, he ain't 'bout it, he ain't 'bout it
Who you buckin' who you blastin'? He ain't ride it, he ain't ride it
He ain't really 'bout that action, he ain't 'bout it

(Young David n***a, Area 51 in this motherfucker)

[Verse 1: T-Rock]
You got my back and you see rebels who strapped to the T
We come in peace but get wrong and get body bagged for the beef
.44 mag it's a beast, pop at yo ass, you deceased
Leave you lay flat in the street, go 'head and toe-tag 'em to sleep
No love in my heart on this song, now that I'm heartless and grown
Don't leave yo artist alone, he ain't really harder than stone
I'm a fool with the infra beam when I put it right to a n***as spleen
Burn flesh up like nicotine, cut heads off like guillotines
You don't wanna see tips fly when I blast ya
You ready? You about to meet the eyes of the master
Fakin' on the mic about the money, motherfucker you a counterfeit, Ipromise I despise the reactor
And to you pussy n***as tryin' to take n***a name, get the fuck up out the game, recognize I been nice
I'm gettin' (?) and kilos, you try to underplay a n***a ego with the knife to yo windpipe
You in the grace of David and you really wanna face the greatest? I raise the hatred
Give up ... the faces
The art of war nobody today is greater
... daily basis (?) engages
In the hands of killers who parade the places
Robbin' motherfuckers ... in all ...
Cock gauge and waste ya
[Hook: T-Rock]

[Verse 2: II Tone]
Look I do this for the streets just to keep you on yo toes
Cause you n***as with the shit and you gossip like some hoes
Where the Benz? Where the pounds?
Never seen you on a town
(?) in the hood can make it rain with milli rounds
I'mma keep on comin', never runnin', ten toes in these streets
N***as lie about it everyday but that's the way we eat
Have you ever bust a gun, seen a n***a gasp for breath?
Eyes rollin' in his head, walkin' to the light of death
Mean muggin', Glock huggin', see I'm ready for you killers
See it's life or death so watch yo step
Won't be no shit bag n***a
Cold-hearted like a snake and you n***as think it's fun
Got nothing to prove, ain't shit to lose, like rebel with a gun
Angel dreamin', realisin' that a n***a gon' maintain
With the clouds of purple-yurple and a bitch on cocaine
Like a lie about yo life cause you want a ghetto pass
You gon' make a n***a like me run into yo ass

[Hook: T-Rock]

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
I am Lord Infamous, it's so ridiculous, how fast I pull out this trigger and hit ya
Lil trick you don't want me to come get up with ya 'cause I will erase your punkass out the picture
Samurai split ya, .44 lit ya, do not approach cause the locals will get ya
Rumblin' rough as rowdy as wizards, kamikaze, split you like scissors
Goons and goblins, mobbers, robbers, where I'm from they throb for victims
Tag 'em, bag 'em, drag 'em to the river after killers sick 'em
It don't matter mane, just pick 'em, put 'em in a bag and zip 'em
Aimin' .50, catch you slippin', .223 start to rip 'em
N***a you got it all fucked up, you think I won't put this slug in yo guts
Better go and catch a cut before I crank this chainsaw up
Slugs you will swallow, I fill you with hollows, yo n***as would follow, there is no tomorrow
When I crank this auto, I hit the drank bottle and leavin' yo bodies in the grotto
No n***a's safe, no n***a's straight that's the Scarecrow motto
And fuckin' with killers that jack car bitch then you hit the lotto
I hear you spooky, I hear you tough, I hear you really bad
But you just beggin' like a bitch with this heat in yo ass
[Hook: T-Rock]