Show Up
[Hook: Lord Infamous] 2x
First we gonna show up then we gonna show out
Are we gonna turn this bitch out? N***a no doubt
Bitch we gonna show up then we gonna show out
N***a get wrong, get slapped in yo mouth

[Verse 1: Mac Montese]
We show up at the club
Show out, they show us love
Still a couple of fake thugs
In the back that throw us mugs
My swag game off the chain
Magnolia, that's where I hang
And if you really know me
Then you know I fuck with Black Rain
Showin' up and showin' out
Cause that's just what I do
Wether it's eight or sixteen bars
I'mma go hard, keep on spittin' the truth
You think that it's just rap
But I been doin' this half my life
I'm just recordin' facts and givin' it back
See y'all through this (?) mic

[Verse 2: II Tone]
All these weak n***as loud talkin', stuntin' like a champ
When I step out on the scene bitch n***as break cap
See you suffer from a weakness and yo body like a (?)
Gotta beat yo ass (?) put yo picture on the (?)
Or the front of a shirt, leave you stankin' with the flies
No remorse, I done told ya take a look up in my eyes
We can get it crackin' n***a, in the streets or in the club
But I put that fire on ya, havin' bubble in yo blood
[Hook: Lord Infamous] 2x

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
I keep a barrel close to make a n***a comatose
Catch a dose of hot toast post in that red rose
Crimson soak, Lord loc in that black robe
Put my scythe up in my nose, snortin' on a railroad
Bloody, Bloody Scarecrow straight from the hell below
Can't get on my own show cause I won't let the drugs go
Bitches gettin' exposed when I go into low-mode
Coke in my nose with the de-mo-nic flow
Ties hide and I'm movin' on, on my cocaine run
Shouts out to the groupie bitches with the guap
They give me some, cum some on they tongue
Lick it till you feel it run
Just like Frito-Lay yo they never ever eat just one
Bigger to the dirt bag, scallywag, toe tag, body drag
On they last, bitches tryna catch a blast
Lord is ignorant, don't be a statistic at the title bout
Run up in that bitch and I'm showin' up and showin' out

[Hook: Lord Infamous] 2x

[Verse 4: T-Rock]
Gorilla pimpin' make the timid n***as diss and murk
(?) make you sons of bitches dig yo own ditches
I'm a gladiator, ain't no other way for me to live it
I ain't criminate the critics, nail crosses the stitches
When I hit scene, money green, what's a n***a scheme?
(?) like dope on triple beam, fuck being the King
See me gradually gettin' making money on a trappin' spree
I left the n***as on the block, acknowledge who is majesty
Fuckin' chimney stones, I'm a (?) when it's on
Twin chromes burn, barrel heated full of brimstone
Make them grown move, get yo chin blown, drug back
We them n***as poppin' pistols, y'all be throwin' love tabs
Sasquatch of the trap, ain't nobody hard as me
Artists be tryin' to top it, it's no comparison partially
Target me; I bust with shit banned from US-armory
Market me as the n***a murkin' haters who the son of me